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Patient Testimonials for Dr. Robert Colgrove

He is super nice and the staff is amazing! They are so professional and go out of their way to make sure everything is to your liking. I would go back again and again!


I had two prior breast augmentations before Dr. Colgrove. Each time, I was not completely happy with my results. I never had cleavage, and there was a noticeable gap between my breast. Dr. Colgrove did for me what no other surgeon had been able to do. I now have great cleavage without push up bras. The private surgical center and staff made the whole experience even more enjoyable. I would recommend Dr. Colgrove and his staff to anyone!


My name is S. and I highly recommend Dr. Robert Colgrove for breast augmentation. I had no bruising after my surgery and my scars are barely noticeable. I received excellent care from the nurses and office staff, which made my surgery and recovery so much easier. I was prepared for everything that happened and there were no surprises because I was prepped thoroughly before my surgery as to what to expect. Dr. Colgrove is a wonderful, professional plastic surgeon that I would highly recommend, as well as use again in the future.


I really wanted to thank you for your wonderful site. It helped me research and understand the aspects of breast augmentation that I was unable to find on any other website. I used your consultation checklist as well as the post opt checklist. I am pleased to say that I had my BA on the 15th of September with one of your newest sponsors, (whom I mentioned your site to during my consult) Dr. Colgrove in Atlanta.

I wanted to tell you that you should most definitely recommend him to ANYONE looking for a kind, well informed, talented PS. His entire office staff is just amazing and he takes the time to answer your questions before or after surgery. (Will call you back if you have any questions or concerns not just give you some office nurse to answer your question) He gave me 510cc which gave me a full D from a small B and I could NOT be happier. I had very very slight bruising and hardly any pain what so ever. I plan on submitting my photos when I am closer to the requirements you listed.

I also wanted to thank you for the Sept. Group I joined. You have really made researching and personal experiences very comforting and welcoming. Please keep up the good work! It is people like you that make the www a great place to visit.

Thank you so much!


I would like to tell you how pleased I am with the professionalism of Dr. Colgrove's staff and the results of the breast augmentation I had on 11/21/05. All of Dr. Colgrove's staff was very pleasant and easy to work with before, during, and after surgery.

I am amazed at how quickly I recovered and the minimal amount of pain I endured. The Friday following surgery I was able to walk four miles while my fiance ran and the next day, Sat., my fiance and I walked up Stone Mountain. I have been able to run as usual (2-4 miles a day or when I desire) since my surgery. Just recently the pain has subsided and the scars have healed quite nicely.

Much thanks to Dr. Colgrove for the a job well done. I am very satisfied and pleased with every aspect of the surgery and post-surgery healing. It has been a welcomed and satisfying experience in my life.

I must again thank Dr. Colgrove for a job well done!!

Robert A. Colgrove, Jr., M.D.
Vinings Surgery Center
Office Address:
1900 The Exchange
Bldg. 300, Ste. 300
Atlanta, GA 30339
Email Dr. Colgrove
Dr. Colgrove has 11 patients available for view in the Before and After Photo Gallery. Click here to visit.

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