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Archive for the ‘New Jersey Plastic Surgeon’ Category

December 31, 2013

Face Lift: Are You a Good Candidate?

Age is not only the consideration for having a face lift. Although gravity and the aging process contribute to facial aging, other factors such as heredity, environmental forces (sun, pollution & wind) and lifestyle choices play a part as well. The condition of the facial structures: skin, bone and soft tissues are considered, not just chronological age.

So no matter what your age, if you are tired of the loose, sagging skin on your face, you should consider a face lift. That droopy look can give you a chronically tired or angered appearance to your face. Since many patients have the same sagging skin extending to their neck, surgeons will often recommend a neck lift to be done at the same time as a face lift.

Less invasive types of procedures such as injectables do not have the same effect as a surgical face lift. According to Dr Paul M Parker, Medical Director of the Parker Center for Plastic Surgery in Paramus, NJ, “injectables can “plump up” loose skin and soften wrinkle lines to a certain extent in patients with relatively early facial aging. This may delay the need for a face lift, in some cases, but it will not achieve what can be accomplished with a face lift”.

During facelift surgery, Dr Parker uses well concealed incisions in front of and behind the ear to access the loose skin and sagging fat in the cheeks and jowl areas. Through these limited incisions, he then re positions the skin and fat into a more uplifted, youthful position with a combination of absorbable sutures.

Following surgery, Dr Parker’s patients are monitored overnight in his on site, fully certified ambulatory surgical facility by a Registered Nurse to initiate a smooth recovery. Patients usually enjoy a quick and painless postop course, employing the Parker Center’s Rapid Recovery program.

Face lift New Jersey patients are thrilled with the results of their surgery. A natural looking, youthful appearance with a comfortable recovery are hallmarks of Dr. Parker and the Parker Center. Dr. Parker’s Rapid Recovery Program assists face lift New Jersey patients by minimizing downtime and allows them to return to normal activity as quickly as possible.

Dr. Paul M. Parker, M.D. of Parker Center for Plastic Surgery helps face lift New Jersey patients look as youthful on the outside as they feel on the inside. To see before and after photos of actual face lift patients and read their stories visit us at or call us at 201-967-1212.

6:48 PM

Labels: Face Lift, New Jersey Plastic Surgeon



April 29, 2011

The Art and Science of Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is one of the most common and widely accepted cosmetic surgeries performed today. It is also one of the oldest, tracing it’s beginnings to an Indian physician dating back to 500 B.C. As with many plastic surgery procedures, real advancements were made in Rhinoplasty with soldiers returning from war needing reconstructive surgery.

Rhinoplasty is used today for both reconstruction and cosmetic reasons. Surgeons who perform this procedure tend to specialize in this area. Because the nose is such a dominant and prominent feature of the face, even minor changes can make a large impact. For this reason, nasal surgery is considering one of the most artistic areas of cosmetic surgery. It is necessary for the New Jersey plastic surgeon to create facial balance and harmony with the other facial features.

A nose that is crooked, has a bump, is asymmetric, too wide, too long, too large, or imperfect can be corrected through Rhinoplasty. There are three different types of surgery performed including the open technique (most common today); the closed technique (for smaller adjustments) or a tiplasty (where correcting the tip of the nose is the only change).

Besides the cosmetic appearance of the nose, functionality must be considered as well. Rhinoplasty can correct breathing problems due to a deviated septum or other nasal structure issues.

Rhinoplasty New Jersey performed by Dr. Paul M. Parker of the Parker Center for Plastic Surgery is a significant part of his daily practice. Dr. Parker believes that Rhinoplasty New Jersey patients are able to receive a highly individualized surgical procedure that addresses all of their concerns related to the appearance of their nose.

Good candidates for Rhinoplasty New Jersey are patients who are over the age of 15, are in good overall health, and have defined goals for surgery. Patients who smoke should cease smoking several weeks prior to and after surgery, since smoking increases the risk of healing problems.

Dr. Parker will meet with each patient seeking Rhinoplasty during an initial consultation. He will ask the patient to verbalize their concerns about the appearance of their nose. He has the patient point out these specific areas on their nose using a hand held mirror. Dr. Parker will then perform a physical examination of the nose to determine what options are possible for the patient. Any breathing problems the patient has will be investigated, as well. Dr. Parker will then discuss treatment options with the patient. He will supplement his discussion with Computer Imaging, whereby changes are made to the patient’s photographs to give them an idea of what their nose will look like following surgery.

At the conclusion of the consultation, a written cost estimate for the procedure is given to the patient as well by the Parker Center’s Patient Care Coordinator.

All surgeries are performed in the Parker Center’s onsite, fully certified ambulatory surgical facility. A board certified anesthesiologist is in attendance throughout the surgery and administers intravenous sedation or general anesthesia to the patient. This allows the procedure to be performed safely without the patient experiencing any pain. During surgery, Dr. Parker corrects the areas of concern previously discussed with the patient. He has the Computer Image pictures on a large screen monitor in the Operating Room with him, serving as his “blueprint” for the changes to be made. Any changes needed for improvement of breathing issues are made at the same time.

Following surgery, patients recover quickly with the Parker Center’s Rapid Recovery program. This protocol uses medications which minimize swelling and bruising as well as postoperative pain. Patients are usually able to return to social activities within seven to ten days after surgery.

Patients usually comment how natural their nose looks after surgery by Dr. Parker and appreciate the better balance it has with their facial features.

To learn more about Rhinoplasty New Jersey, see before and after photos and read patient testimonials, visit the Parker Center at or call 201-967-1212.

5:54 PM

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