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Archive for June, 2010

June 29, 2010

My Plastic Surgeon USA Helping You Find the Right Nevada Plastic Surgeon

The decision to have plastic surgery is a very personal one. Finding the right plastic surgeon to perform your procedure is key to a successful plastic surgery experience. Living in Nevada and interested in plastic surgery? My Plastic Surgeon can help you find a Board Certified plastic surgeon in your area.

Begin by selecting Nevada from the state map. You will then be given a list of regions within Nevada to choose from. Selecting a region will give you a list of plastic surgeons in the area of your choice. All surgeons featured at My Plastic Surgeon USA are certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and are dedicated to providing the highest level of patient care.

Users will then be given a list of surgeons to view. After selecting a surgeon from the list, you will be able to view information regarding that surgeon and his or her practice. Many profiles also have before and after photos of real Nevada plastic surgery patients. Using the information found in the surgeon profiles, potential patients will get an idea if they would like to schedule a consultation with that surgeon.

A consultation is the only way to know if the Nevada board certified plastic surgeon is right for you. During your consultation you should feel comfortable and get a sense that the surgeon not only understands your desires for results but makes you feel confident in his or her ability to meet your expectations.

My Plastic Surgeon USA is the premier online resource connecting men and women interested in plastic surgery with board certified plastic surgeons in their area. With just a few clicks of the mouse, you can be on your way to achieving the body of your dreams.

Click here to begin your search for a Nevada board certified plastic surgeon near you.

1:12 PM

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June 25, 2010

Male Breast Reduction and Other Plastic Surgery Procedures For Men

There are a staggering number of men that suffer from gynecomastia, a condition that causes the over development of breast tissue. This condition often appears during adolescence and cause young men to become increasingly self conscious. Although gynecomastia is commonly present among adolescent teens, it is a condition that can arise later in life as well. Gynecomastia is treated with a surgical procedure called male breast reduction.

Using male breast reduction, a skilled plastic surgeon will remove fat and/or glandular tissue from the breasts as need.  In some extreme cases the surgeon may removes excess skin. In most cases, liposuction is used to remove the excess fat. Male breast reduction surgery leaves the chest feeling more firm and appearing flatter and better contoured.

Male breast reduction is not only physically changing but emotionally changing as well. Patients who suffer from gynecomastia are often very self conscious. Male breast reduction can not only improve the physical appearance but also the emotional well being of the man. Procedures such as this can be performed on young men or adults. A consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon will help you determine when if male breast reduction surgery is right for you.

Male breast reduction surgery is just one of many procedures men may benefit from. To learn more about male breast reduction and other procedures such as face lift, tummy tuck or implants for men, contact a board certified plastic surgeon in your area. Need help finding a board certified plastic surgeon? My Plastic Surgeon USA can help you find a skilled plastic surgeon in just a few clicks of the mouse. Click here to begin your search for a board certified plastic surgeon in your area.

3:57 AM

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June 24, 2010

Liposuction – Helping You Trim Down Your Trouble Areas

There are some parts of our body that do not respond well to traditional diet and exercise. Hours spent in the gym trying to get rid of bothersome pockets of fat often prove unsuccessful and very frustrating. While traditional diet and exercise is the preferred method of weight loss, advancements in plastic surgery have led to fairly safe fat removal procedures such. Liposuction is used by plastic surgeons all over the country to remove pockets of fat from localized areas of the body.

When performed by an experienced plastic surgeon, liposuction can have truly remarkable results. Men and women who experience pockets of fat collecting around their upper arms, thighs, buttocks, knees and even neck can benefit from liposuction. Liposuction is not a form of weight loss but rather a surgical method of removing fat deposits from people that are in relatively good shape. A consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon is needed to determine if you are a good candidate for liposuction.

Liposuction can be used to treat a number of areas of the body. From hips and thighs to cheeks and neck, liposuction is a versatile procedure used to improve the contour and appearance of many different parts of the body. It may also be used in conjunction with other cosmetic procedures such as tummy tuck and facelift to produce optimal results. Your plastic surgeon will let you know if they believe liposuction would be worth adding to your cosmetic procedure.

Need help finding a board certified plastic surgeon in your area? My Plastic Surgeon USA can direct you to some of the counties top plastic surgeons. Click here to begin your search for a board certified plastic surgeon near you.

1:24 AM

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June 4, 2010

Breast Augmentation for Graduation?

Surgeons all over the country report an increase in inquiries about breast augmentation from young women ages 17 to 19 around graduation season. While girls all over the country may consider asking for breast implants for graduation, California and Texas see more young girls interested in increasing the size of their breast with breast implants than the rest of the country.

Some young girls reason that the desire to increase the size of their breasts before college is so that they have a “fresh start” upon arriving at school in the fall. Having the procedure before begging college prevents their classmates from ever knowing they had smaller breasts. While this may seem like a reason with some weight behind it, many young women don’t consider the health risks associated with breast implants.

Women under the age of 22 are limited to Saline Implants for their breast augmentation. While saline implants are believed to be relatively safe, breast augmentation it’s self is a serious surgical procedure that carries risks just as any surgical procedure would.  Young women who opt for breast implant surgery at a young age may not fully understand the potential complications and future of their breasts should they be unfortunate enough to endure complications.

Many doctors believe that educating young women about the risks before their mind is “made up” may encourage women to wait to undergo breast augmentation.  Aside from the risks involved with breast augmentation, breast tissue in young women is often not fully developed. While the immediate gratification of breast augmentation may be tempting, waiting may produce the results young women desire naturally, without cost or risk.

The decision to have breast augmentation is a very personal one. Women considering breast augmentation should consult with a board certified plastic surgeon to learn about the risks involved and make and informed decision if the procedure is right for them. Click here to search for a board certified plastic surgeon in your area.

2:17 AM

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June 2, 2010

Creating a Youthful Appearance with Blepharoplasty – Eyelid Surgery

As time goes on, our eyes tend to show signs of aging. Skin around the eyes begins to sag and wrinkles begin to form. Bags below the eyes may make a person appear tired. Skilled plastic surgeons are able to turn back the hands of time and reduce the visible signs of aging around the eyes using Blepharoplasty.

Patients who have sagging skin around their eyes may not only appear older but may also have reduced vision. Blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery is used to remove excess fat and skin to improve the appearance of sagging upper eyelids and bags below the eyes. Patients with more severe signs of aging may also have the muscles directly around the eyes tightened to create optimal results.

Patients considering eyelid surgery will need a consultation with a plastic surgeon to first determine if they are a candidate for the procedure. Generally, men and women who are in good physical health who want to address sagging skin and fat deposits around the eyes are good candidates. Your medical history and individual needs will determine if blepharoplasty is right for you.

My Plastic surgeon can help you find a plastic surgeon in your area that will help you determine how eyelid surgery can improve the appearance of your eyes. All surgeon featured at My Plastic Surgeon USA are board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Each surgeon is skilled in helping their patients achieve their aesthetic goals using the latest in surgical techniques.

Click here to begin your search for a board certified plastic surgeon in your area.

2:47 PM

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June 1, 2010

Plastic Surgery Among Teens

New reports detail the top 5 plastic surgery procedures performed on teens. Reports show that teens often request palstic surgery when they feel alienated from their peers because of a physical feature or to correct a physical feature that causes them to be self conscious. There are many plastic surgery procedures that teens may benefit from. It is important that both the teen and the parents understand the risks involved with any plastic surgery procedure.

The most common procedure performed on teens is rhinoplasty used to correct a misshaped nose causing self consciousness or breathing problems. Male breast reduction followed as the second most common procedure. Male breast reduction is used to remove excess breast tissue caused by a disorder called gynecomastia.

Third on the list is ear pinning or otoplasty. Ear pinning is used to reduce the size and change the position of ears that stick out too far from the side of the head. Liposuction in next to last on the list. While liposuction is not a form of weight loss, it is an effective procedure for those that suffer from pockets of fat not responding to traditional diet and exercise.

Last on the list of teen plastic surgery is breast augmentation. Breast augmentation is the number one plastic surgery procedure performed in the United States. It is last on the list of teen cosmetic procedures as the FDA does not approve breast augmentation for women under the age of 18.

At face value, these procedures may seem safe enough. While surgical techniques have come a very long way, there are still significant risks involved. Parents and teens considering plastic surgery should be sure that the motivations behind the request are coming from the right place. Once parents and teens have come to an agreement that they would like to further discuss their surgical options, a plastic surgeon should be consulted.

My Plastic Surgeon USA can help you find a qualified plastic surgeon in your area. All surgeons featured at My Plastic Surgeon USA are board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. This optional certification ensures parents that the surgeons they find here have had a least 5 years of dedicated surgical training as well as passed rigorous testing. Click here to begin your search for a board certified plastic surgeon near you.

6:11 PM

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