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Patient Testimonials for Dr. David Kim

"I proudly say Doctor David Edwin Kim is MY doctor!!! There are so many Plastic Surgeons out there, but only a few of them are artists. I truly believe MY doctor is an artist! I got several recommendations from ladies in a breast implant forum and started searching for him from Google and Yahoo a few months ago. I found this website and looked at the before and after pictures. I loved his work! Awesome!!! Since then, I counted my days to meet him for the first time. All of the girls who have recommended him to me, saying this exactly sentence: Doctor David Kim is amazing! I did not know exactly what it meant until he did mine. Yes! He is truly amazing! A real artist! I also love his personality and his professionalism. He is sweet, caring, kind, simple, skillful, experienced, and patient. He takes his time to treat each of his patients as she/he is the most important one!! I am more than glad that I found him. He is THE BEST!!!"


"Dr. Kim is the best. I traveled from Chicago to have him do my implants and I am so glad I did. My breasts look awesome and natural. I had a great recovery and very little pain. I DEFINITELY recommend him!"


"Dr Kim is extremely delicate, I had no bruises, hardly no pain and am very satisfied with the follow up I've been receiving from him. I am glad I chose him as my surgeon. "


"Perfection should be his middle name."


"When I found Dr. Kim's breast augmentation photos, I was compelled to meet him. Now after 5 weeks post op I'm extremely happy that I chose him as my plastic surgeon. Not only did he make me feel comfortable right from the beginning, he is down to earth and very talented. He takes his time to see and talk to his patients (I've seen him 5 times since surgery) and great at answering emails. Also, since I'm asian and very petite, my main concern was proportionality. Now everyone compliments on how 'curvy' I look and no one can believe that I have implants -- they look so natural and proportional on me! Breast Augmentation was the best decision of my life. I have so much confidence (especially in tube tops!). Thank you for helping me find Dr. Kim."


"My breast look amazing and feel so natural. I checked out all of the other plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills, and I really think he is the BEST for breast augmentation!"


"He's the best! I wouldn't trust any other doc besides him. If you want natural looking breasts, you should definitely consider Dr. Kim. I'm very satisfied with my results and would definitely go to Dr. Kim for any future surgeries."


"He and his whole staff are professional and polite. I got the exact results that I wanted and am extremely happy. Thank you Dr. Kim"


David E. Kim, M.D., F.A.C.S.
Beverly Hills Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
Office Address:
436 North Bedford Dr.
Suite 300
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
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Dr. Kim has 68 patients available for view in the Before and After Photo Gallery. Click here to visit.
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