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Patient Testimonials for Dr. Brian Heil

"I'm only 32, so I never thought of myself as a candidate for cosmetic services, until I heard about some of the services at Acqua Blu Medical Spa. The staff understood that I was not ready for a drastic change, and recommended I speak with a medical esthetician about some skin care products. Lisa sat with me for about 45 minutes. I couldn't believe how knowledgeable she was about my skin and the affects of aging on the skin's growth cycle. She recommended some products, and also gave me lots of advice on how to care for my skin. The best part was she did not pressure me to buy tons of products like they do at department stores, and she did not try to up sell me on expensive treatments. I loved it."


"There are few words that can express how grateful I am for all that you have done for me. From my consultation, to surgery, and every follow-up visit so far, you've made me feel a way I had not felt in a long timeógood about myself.

I feel I owe you all so much. You've lifted my spirits and my self-image along with everything else. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. Dr. Heil, you are truly an artist. I can't thank you enough."


"Iíve been meaning to write and thank-you for your excellent care for some time.

From my consultation where you spent time ensuring all my questions were answered, through the surgery, to my follow-up appointments, all of you have shown a great attention to detail, a heartfelt level of caring for my well-being, and the highest quality of doctor-patient relationship that I have ever experienced or could expect.

My new tummy and breasts looks better than before I had my children. I appreciate all that youíve done and will recommend you to any moms considering cosmetic surgery."


"I want to express to you how delighted I am with the results of my surgery. You are a very gifted surgeon and I am so fortunate that my friend recommended you to me. And your staff is marvelous--from my first contact where Holly gave me directions, to meeting with Dana who was so helpful and empathetic--to my consultation with you, to the entire surgical -- what pleasant and caring people you all are! Surgery is never fun, but you all made it a good experience. I am forever thankful."


"I couldn't have imagined a better experience than the one I had with you. After spending almost 2 years contemplating breast augmentation, I'm so glad I chose Premier. You and your caring staff provided me all the information and support I needed!

I was very nervous about surgery, but I didn't need to be. I felt completely safe and taken care of. I awoke feeling just fine. The healing process has been amazingly easy for me. Perhaps I'm just lucky, but I'm inclined to think it's because I was in such good hands.

My new breasts look and feel completely real, and I could not be happier! Not only are you an incredible surgeon, but an amazing artist as well. Thank you for brightening my life!


"I was nervous to try Botox. At my age, my lines and wrinkles are still quite fine so I was unsure that Botox would make a difference in my appearance. But, I am so glad I tried it. The needle was tiny and the whole process only took about 15 minutes. Within a few days, my forehead felt tighter, and the fine lines I had developed were dramatically minimized. My eyebrows also appeared raised and more arched. My friends and family have commented that I look more rested and refreshed. I will definitely continue my treatments with Premier Plastic Surgery. The results far exceeded my expectations."


"I wanted to take a minute to thank you and your staff for the wonderful treatment that I received before, during and after my liposuction procedure. Everyone there was very helpful and Sarah and Dana in particular were extremely attentive to my needs. Dr. Kunkle and nurse Helene and others on your operating room staff made sure that my recovery went smoothly. I am so happy with the outcome of my surgery. I couldn't have asked for anything more. You are an extremely talented surgeon. Thank you for all for your passion and compassion."


"Believe it or not I am writing to you from West Palm Beach. This is the first time my stomach has seen the sun in over 10 years. When my gynecologist sent me to your office, he told me you were the best with tummy tucks. When you told me that I would be able to wear a bikini, I thought you were kidding. Now I am a 35-year-old "sexy mama" with a flat stomach and I am wearing a beautiful bikini. All thanks to you. Show this picture to your other patients. They need to know that you are the best".


"I have not healed yet but already I feel completely changed! The breast reduction has made me feel a new confidence and my shoulders feel very light.... like a weight has been lifted.

I thank you and your wonderful staff. It's been a satisfying experience. See you soon for my follow up visit and then next year for my face lift.

Your lifelong patient and biggest fan,


"You have done a fantastic job on my face, neck and abdomen. Words can't express my thanks for having the intuition, skill and caring to give me exactly the results that I dreamed of.

I did not expect the attentiveness and high level of quality follow up that I received and still continue to receive.

Many thanks for your skill that has given me pleasure and enriched self-confidence. I am lucky to have found such a dynamic surgeon and compassionate staff."


"A little card like this doesn't seem like enough but I just wanted to thank you all for your extreme compassion throughout my entire surgery process. This was such a big decision to make. But you and your staff have been so generous and thoughtful, working through the difficulty of me living so far away. Finding your "home-like" practice was such a blessing, allowing me such comfort, privacy and security.

I'm so excited for the next few months as the results become more and more visible!"


"As you know, the decision to elect cosmetic surgery was a difficult one for me from the beginning. I worried about the perceived vanity issues, the financial aspect, the surgery itself and the possibility that the results would not be significant enough to justify the investment of time, money and physical discomfort. The consultations I'd had with several other surgeons had done nothing to lessen my apprehension and I was beginning to reconsider my decision. When I met with you, I was feeling more confident but it still took me several weeks to decide to schedule my surgery. I am thankful I did. Now, several weeks later, my results are wonderful. My stomach looks like it did before I had my babies. Thank you for all you have done."

"It has been only 3 weeks since my eyelid surgery and I have been sharing the whole experience with all of my co-workers. People are constantly coming by my cubicle because the results are so amazing. I am very pleased with the results and have been having fun sharing my story.

Every day when I look in the mirror I am delighted the bags under my eyes are gone. I finally look more rested and youthful again. It was the best thing I ever did for myself and choosing Dr. Heil and his team is the reason why.


"I wanted a doctor who would listen to me and answer all of my questions and I had a lot of questions. I needed the best and found Dr. Heil. The results of my facelift gave me a natural youthful appearance without having an "operated" look."


"My son was suffering from gynecomastia for 5 years. He was constantly teased by his classmates about his breasts. We could not imagine how bad it was. We even had to change schools because of that. Dr. Heil thank you for understanding our sonís problem right away. We spent over an hour in your office talking about surgery. It has been 3 months after his surgery and it is going great. Thanks a lot for all confidence you have given our son."

-L & C

"Thank you for making my surgery such a smooth experience. I am delighted with result. Please convey my appreciation to Dr. Kunkle, your anesthesiologist. I had 4 surgeries in the past and always had some nausea. My anesthesia experience with your office was the best ever."


"I just wanted to thank you for giving me those "ripped abs" I've been working so hard at the gym for. I just couldn't get that last bit worked off and with the ab etching liposuction you did (coupled with my hard workouts and disciplined diet) I was able to achieve what I didn't think possible."

Brian V. Heil, M.D. F.A.C.S.
Premier Plastic Surgery of Pennsylvania
Office Address:
144 Emeryville Dr, Ste 110
Cranberry Twp, PA 16066

Upper St. Clair
1614 Washington Rd.
Upper St. Clair, PA 15241

Roesch-Taylor Building
2110 Jane St, Ste 801N
Pittsburgh, PA 15203

Cypher Building
901 E Brady St, Ste 301
Butler, PA 16001

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