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Plastic Surgery

article courtesy Dr. Hothem, Dr. Richwine, Dr. Walton, Dr. Abell, Dr. Campbell

CLICK HERE to visit the website of Dr. Hothem, Dr. Richwine, Dr. Walton, Dr. Abell, Dr. Campbell

The word 'plastic' comes form the ancient Greek word 'plastikos', which means to mold or give form.

Plastic surgery is one of the oldest forms of surgery practiced, dating back to ancient Egyptians' surgical treatment of facial traumas as early as 2,000 B.C. Since that time, plastic surgery has come to the forefront of science many times, but it wasn’t until World War I that there was a large boost in the advancement of plastic surgery. War injuries created a large need for major reconstructive procedures, and modern plastic surgery was born.

By the 1950s, plastic surgery was fully integrated into the medical community, and the 1960s brought the use of silicone and a greater public consciousness of the specialty. By the 1970s, the plastic surgeon became one of the leading medical professions, and the number of plastic surgeons has continued to increase ever since. Today, there are thousands of plastic surgeons offering a wide variety of plastic surgery procedures, and advancements in the field continue to grow exponentially.

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